Carlos & Niki • Married

Allow me to get on my soapbox for a minute… The year is 2020. A global pandemic has hit. Nobody knows how bad it will get or when it will end. Groups are limited to five, ten, maybe 30 people on a good day. A bajillion couples (myself included) postpone their weddings. Cupids everywhere are at some bar, drunk on stale champagne, wallowing in their own self-pity. Love is dead. COVID killed it. Who would wanna get married now.

Well, Niki & Carlos did. And let me tell you, it was freakin wonderful.

Niki still wore her beautiful mocha-ivory gown. Carlos still wore his dapper maroon suit. They still wowed us with incredible decorations from Party Professionals. They still said their vows during a short-but-sweet ceremony. They still had a delicious catered meal, including a variety of cakes. All they really changed was the guest list and the venue. They still had a magical day, and a lovely night, and they still got a ton of professional photos. They were even lucky enough to have been allowed their parents and siblings… but they still would have gotten married without them.

When wedding date #2 comes along, if we’re still fighting this pandemic, ask yourself if you’d rather postpone your wedding two, three, four more times; wait two, three, four more years; give up deposits; reschedule vendors; stress and stress and stress some more, just so you can have that perfect, impressive, traditional wedding… or would you rather wear your gorgeous outfits, say your vows, stream it all, take some sexy photos, and just be married already. Heck, if you’re hellbent on throwing a party, postpone THAT. But consider the reason for the season (“wedding season”… photographer pun. Ha!) To quote my one and only 2020 bride, “It really isn’t about the guests. It’s a celebration of two lives coming together.”

I’m not saying a guest-free COVID wedding is right for everyone… I’m just saying… it’s an option worth considering. Take a look through these photos, and think about it. 🙂

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