Clint & Katherine • Married… or are they?

This secret wedding happened on April 1st, but this was no April Fool’s joke! The bride and groom snuck in a quick and private ceremony with only their bridal party by their side, and opted for my “Best of the Best” photo package. After the ceremony, with their little-one in tow, we scooted over to one of Brandon’s best photo locations – The Research Station – to capture a few family pics during this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Once the little man had had enough of our shenanigans, we took Clint & Katherine aside for some one-on-one photos, and wow! Did they deliver!

Immediately after their photo shoot, I was able to upload and edit one of their favourite photos using just my iPhone. This meant they were able to instantly share the good news with family and friends using a photo taken only moments before. Congrats Clint & Katherine on your new relationship status 😛



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